Corporate and Social Events at Regale


Our beautiful grounds and Tuscan-inspired winery offer a number of unique event spaces that provide an unforgettable experience for your guests.


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Here at Regale, we believe that events should be designed to stimulate all of your senses. Whether your private event is corporate or personal in nature, we offer a variety of all-inclusive event packages with a full range of pricing and add-on options. We take pride in finding caterers that provide interactive culinary experiences and elite service.



Engagement & Rehearsal Celebrations


The events leading up to your wedding day are times shared with some of the most important people in your life. At Regale Winery and Vineyards, we take our role in your guests’ experience very seriously. We understand the pressures of creating a memorable event unique to you. Our expertise and support enable you to relax in the wonder of special moments shared with family and friends.


The beauty of our estate speaks for itself – breathtaking views, expansive gardens and Tuscan-influenced design. Consider contacting us to schedule a private tour to see for yourself. Inquiring brides and grooms are welcome to taste our crafted wine as they explore the estate.




Interactive Add-On Activities


Add-on activities are available Monday through Friday as add-ons only to our event packages.


Regale provides some of the most involved and entertaining team-building activities in the wine industry. Our activities and classes are guaranteed to entertain, unite, and satisfy everyone involved.

Signature Cask Tasting

Experience a unique opportunity to taste a variety of premium wines directly from our magnificent French Oak casks, which were custom-made and shipped from the French Bordeaux region. At 11 ft tall and nearly 1,000 gallons, the casks honor the tradition of gracefully aging fine wines with the same centuries-old techniques used in France and Italy. Guests are sure to be delighted during this old-world wine tasting experience led by Regale’s winemaker.


Suggested Upgrade:

Combine Cask Tasting with our Wine Blending activity to incorporate a wider variety of wine selections.


Black Glass Tasting

If you couldn’t see the wine you were tasting, do you think you could tell if it were red or white? Put your senses to the test by sampling wine from a line of black glasses for varietal secrecy. A Regale wine expert will guide individuals through the experience to help describe and analyze flavors and aromas. Using your sense of smell and taste, you’ll try to identify what varietal you’re enjoying.


Pinot Pong Trivia Tournament

We’ve combined the fun of Ping-Pong, trivia and wine tasting to create a new, competitive game that’s sure to get everyone involved. Led by a Regale wine expert, we’ll test your knowledge about wine, with each correct response earning a shot on the Pinot Pong table. The first team to eliminate all glasses from the opposing team’s side of the table wins!

Blind Tasting

The good news is, there’s no need to be a wine expert in this challenge. Regale will test the group’s knowledge of different varietals under the guidance of one of our wine specialists. Individuals or teams work to identify wine varieties based on three basic senses: taste, sight and smell. Each member of the winning team receives two passes to a member-area tasting.


Wine Blending

Become a winemaker for a day! Teams work together to develop a winning Bordeaux-style blend from traditional varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Beakers and graduated cylinders are used to create original concoctions, tasting blends as they go.


Cork Engineering

We all live in a digital world, but occasionally it’s worth getting back to the basics. In cork engineering, each team is given a supply of corks and rubber bands and is challenged to build the tallest cork tower.


Sports Package

With a wide variety of game options, including an in-house bocce ball court, badminton, Ping-Pong, cornhole, horseshoe and Giant Jenga, your group is going to get their game on. Break into teams for a healthy dose of competition amongst each other.


Wine Trivia

New to wine? Not a problem. Learn the fundamentals of wine and the outstanding wine regions of California through Wine Trivia. Individuals will break into teams to get a basic understanding of wine terminology, where wine comes from and how to best taste them. Participants will then need to work together to come up with the best answers for each question. A Regale wine expert will reveal answers and award a winning team.






Open to the Public.

Tasting Room Hours: Saturdays 11-4 & Sundays 11-5


PLEASE NOTE: Regale is dog-friendly but all dogs must be leashed. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed on the property.


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